New Kids University - Semester 1 - Run me my (Grant) money!

Look at you, fresh off the non-profit 501c3 approval (or maybe looking at the application and screaming HELP!!!). You've made it and now there's this shiny new world of funding just waiting for you to apply so they can give you their money. There's just one problem, grant applications scare the living crap out of you and you probably think that you'll never get approved for one anyway, so you don't apply.

Well, your (other) resident New Kids Professor Germaine is here to help with 5 tips on how to build a better beacon when it comes to securing grant funds! Check out our latest session tackling grants 101 and visit!


New Kids University - Semester 1 - Nail that Interview!

Greetings students! Welcome to New Kids University, where degrees are cool but lessons matter more! This semester's class is in session with your Resident New Kid and Interview Guru Shyriah Marshall!

You just landed one of the biggest interviews of your professional/entrepreneurial/life journey...but you're nerves are getting the best of you. Well, The New Kids have your back! Check out these tips and put them to use to earn an A and nail that spot!

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